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About us



Remanso de Amor offers an integral education to children, teenagers, pregnant mothers and families living in high risk areas of the lower social stratum in Cartagena. This educational training focuses on meeting their basic biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs through four components: Education, Nutrition, Psychosocial Well-being, and Health. This type of education lends itself to the stimulation of human development, affection, interpersonal relationships, love, and solidarity among men and women regardless of race, creed, or political views.


We are a pedagogically developed learning institution with a goal of being recognized nationally and internationally for: quality and social service vocation; our commitment to helping and strengthening integral educational processes for highly vulnerable children, teenagers, pregnant mothers, families, and communities; focusing on educational, nutritional, psychosocial, and health processes by implementing innovative methodologies; and for providing human resource management and financial resources that will maintain the human quality processes.

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