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Sponsor a child

Our main motivation is the education and well-being of children in Cartagena.


As a sponsor, you make a commitment to a child from Remanso de Amor Foundation, supporting their preschool education, nutrition, psychosocial counseling and much happiness!


You will be able to see with your own eyes the impact of your generosity through letters and photos of your child. You can even visit him or her!




We will contact you initially to confirm the details and assign you to a boy or a girl. In the next few weeks you will receive all the information about your godchild in a welcome kit (photo, name, age and a brief description).


You will receive several letters or drawings throughout the year on special dates. We invite you to encourage yourself to answer him/her and get to know him/her better.


Whenever you want, you can find out about the situation and evolution of the child. You will also receive an annual report of the projects and progress we develop.


Every year you will receive a donation certificate with which you can deduct your donation.


Monthly amount:


$ 180,000 thousand pesos

50 Dollars

45 Euros


If you are interested in sponsoring, please let us know. Call us or send us a message to any of the following numbers:


Or you can contact us at our institutional email:

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