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Fundación Remanso de Amor is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1996 in Cartagena de Indias, with a focus on providing a social service. Its main objective is to provide highly vulnerable communities with a comprehensive training program that focuses on their biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. With this type of training, beneficiaries of the program may be able to better their quality of life, personal fulfillment, and social contribution.


Remanso de Amor offers formal education as well as personal and social values training to children, teenagers, pregnant mothers and families living in a marginalized hillside sector of Cartagena called La Popa – members of this community are highly exposed to social and physical vulnerabilities.

Proceso de permanencia

ESAL 2019


Sponsorship program

As a sponsor, you make a commitment to a child from Remanso de Amor Foundation, supporting their preschool education, nutrition, psychosocial counseling and much happiness!

Remanso de Amor Foundation

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